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Common problems that demand garage door repairs

The problem with your garage door is not always visible. Sometimes the problem is caused by a set of linked difficulties. When in doubt, hire a professional to evaluate your door and follow proper garage door maintenance habits to avoid problems.

The following are the most typical issues:

Broken springs and cables

Under constant strain, the springs and wires that keep your garage door running smoothly can break. Because of the possible dangers involved, it is critical to have a professional manage their installation and replacement.

Damaged weather-stripping

Weatherstripping keeps cold breezes out and increases the energy efficiency of your home. If it is damaged or goes missing, a simple replacement might help to extend the life of your door.

Worn rollers

Garage door rollers might deteriorate over time. Replacing old rollers is a simple repair that can restore your door's functionality.

Cracked panels

Panels can crack or break as a result of events such as extreme weather or unintentional impacts. Our skilled technicians can repair doors with various types of panels.

Non-functioning opener

Many parts and electrical wiring in automatic openers might wear out over time. It is preferable to have a professional inspect and replace the opener for safety concerns.

Malfunctioning safety sensors

A door may fail to close correctly due to faulty safety sensors. Our professionals can swiftly detect and resolve the issue. Meanwhile, make sure nothing is obstructing the sensors.


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